Sludge Solidification

The puddles of Tailings waste liquid are usually very shallow, and it is difficult to clean them thoroughly with a water pump. Solidification can save time and effort to solve this problem.

Industry Application

Sediments and sludge are liquid waste streams characterized by a significant amount of solids.
They encompass various examples such as dredging sludge, contaminated lagoon sediments, drilling mud, mine tailings, biosolids waste, and coal pond sludge.

Industry Advantage

The benefits of using SOCO® include:
1. SOCO® is FAST-ACTING!!!! (Lower site labor cost)
2. Minimal Waste Volume Expansion (Fewer Yards = LOWER COSTS)
3. Non-Biodegradable (Degradable)
4. Accepted by Title D Landfills and Non-Hazardous Landfills
5. Safe For Workers

Best Choice for Contractors

Almost all sludge can be processed by solidification. Through solidification, site remediation contractors can quickly, efficiently, and low-cost process a large number of sludge.

Sludge Solidification

SOCO® offers an effective solution for the solidification of sludge and liquid waste using superabsorbent polymers. These polymers have proven to be highly efficient in absorbing free liquids, ensuring that the waste meets the requirements of the Paint Filter Test (EPA 9095) by eliminating any presence of free liquids. By deeply binding the contaminated water within the polymer chains, the spread of toxins into the environment is prevented. This process facilitates the cleanup of liquid waste spills or excess, making it easier to handle. The solidified waste can then be safely transported to a licensed and engineered landfill for proper disposal.

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  • Wet Flow Enhancement

Common Questions

Yes, we are the professional manufacturer of super absorbent polymer in China. The company is headquartered in Qingdao, Shandong.
500 KG.
Within one week based on MOQ.
Yes, we are willing to provide a free sample of 1kg for you.

Yes, we support custom packaging, and we have done small packages for other customers such as 500g,1kg,5 kg,10kg,25kg, etc.

Our annual output of super absorbent polymer can reach 70,000 tons/year.

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