Drilling Waste Solutions

Large quantities of fluid wastes containing drilling fluids are generated in projects such as resource extraction, utility installation, and tunnel excavation.

Industry Application

Drilling operations produce various liquid waste streams, each with unique traits. Our super sorbent solutions enhance polymer drilling fluid applications, mitigating environmental and health hazards. Drilling fluid contamination poses risks to workers, causing skin and lung irritations, contact dermatitis, and other health issues.

Involve Various Fluids

Drilling processes involve various fluids: water-based cuttings, high salt/chloride streams, oil/diesel-based fluids, and blended water-hydrocarbon wastes. We provide economical alternatives for all drill cuttings, replacing sawdust and corn cob.


Our sorbent products are non-biodegradable and won’t release harmful liquids in landfills. They adhere to non-biodegradable absorbent standards (40 CFR 264.314).

Drilling Waste Solutions

Our SOCO® superabsorbent sludge solidifiers are specifically designed to effectively work with wet soil, wastewater, and sludge, enabling them to pass the EPA 9095 test, also known as the “Paint Filter Test.” This solid and granular material exhibits remarkable absorption capabilities, with the ability to absorb 120 times its weight or more in tap water or groundwater. Moreover, it results in minimal waste volume expansion, expanding the waste volume by less than 1%.

Fewer yards of waste + fewer loads shipped = Lower Disposal Costs!

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Oil & Natural Gas Drilling Fluid & Drilling Mud
  • Drill Cuttings Disposal
  • Drill Cutting Land Spreading (“Land Farming”)
  • Potable Water Well Drilling
  • Horizontal Boring & Tunneling
  • Natural Gas Well Swabbing
  • Mine Tailings

Common Questions

Yes, we are the professional manufacturer of super absorbent polymer in China. The company is headquartered in Qingdao, Shandong.
500 KG.
Within one week based on MOQ.
Yes, we are willing to provide a free sample of 1kg for you.

Yes, we support custom packaging, and we have done small packages for other customers such as 500g,1kg,5 kg,10kg,25kg, etc.

Our annual output of super absorbent polymer can reach 70,000 tons/year.

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