Sodium Polyacrylate SNN781

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Sodium Polyacrylate SNN781

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Product Description

SYN170- SOCO® New Material▶ Sodium Polyacrylate SNN781

The product realize large & quick liquid absorption, as the high-efficient, cost-effective & eco-friendly choice for liquid waste treatment (sludge solidification), The sap gel formed after absorption can firmly retain the waste water and prevent the liquid waste from leaking even under certain pressure.

▶ Main features

1.Easy to use, no liquid leakage during transportation

2.Reduce cost, save time and materials

3.Lower Treatment & Transportation Cost

4.Safe and environmentally friendly, reduce environmental pollution

▶ Key attributes

Sodium Polyacrylate SNN781
CAS No. 9003-4-7
Purity 0.999
Absorption Capacity 500g/g
Particle Size Customizable
Place of Origin Qingdao, China
Appearance White Power/Granule
Safety Harmless No-Flammable
Application Sludge solidification, etc.
Certificate ISO9001SGS (non-toxic and harmless), SGS (no heavy metal residue), BV (degradable), REACH  (SAPS with the lowest sulfate residue), etc.
Production capacity 70,000 tons/year


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