Sodium Polyacrylate SNN810S

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Sodium Polyacrylate SNN810S

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Product Description

SYN170- SOCO® New Material▶ Sodium Polyacrylate SNN810S

The SAP Polymer plays a key role in the development of oil and gas by allowing drilling and mining crews to rapidly solidify fluid waste (Sludge solidification) as it is generated, also works as ash absorption gel. With its excellent water absorption capacity under pressure, It can absorb large amount of water quickly, making cable powder which is used to blocking water and keep cable functional

▶ Main features

Excellent water absorption capacity under pressure makes the product as the best choice for water-blocking application.

Superior water absorption speed within 25 seconds to hold 250 times water.

Harmless & Eco-friendly.

Reduces Industrial Waste Disposal Costs – Expands in Volume by Less Than 1%.

▶ Key attributes

Sodium Polyacrylate SNN810S
CAS No. 9003-4-7
Purity 0.999
Absorption Capacity 500g/g
Particle Size Customizable
Place of Origin Qingdao, China
Appearance White Power/Granule
Safety Harmless No-Flammable
Application Mine dehumidification, Sludge solidification, etc.
Certificate ISO9001SGS (non-toxic and harmless), SGS (no heavy metal residue), BV (degradable), REACH  (SAPS with the lowest sulfate residue), etc.
Production capacity 70,000 tons/year
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